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Generations: Space History in Art, closing Sunday, July 31.

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Soviet Lunar Probe, detail, oil on copper

Luna 3, 1959, Soviet Lunar Probe, detail, oil on copper, 12″ x 12″ 1996




McCandless' untethered EVA, drawing by James Dean

James Dean’s drawing of Astronaut McCandless’ Tetherless EVA, 1984



It’s been great sharing our space/art interests together this past month. James Dean and I have met and talked with lots of wonderful, interested visitors from all over, telling us their stories of personal involvement with the Space Program.  Many had little idea that NASA, from early on, had such an interest in artistic interpretation as to collaborate with the National Gallery of Art, to promote and collect art about America’s foray into outer space.

It was lovely seeing Peter Jacob, chief curator at Air and Space, last Sunday at our Splashdown reception, who reminded me that Telstar is now on view at the museum on the National Mall. Can’t wait to see it!


Telstar, detail, graphite on paper

My drawing of Telstar, detail, graphite on paper, 1997.



A couple of other works…

LUNA 16 - 1970 oil on panel, 24"diam., 1998

Luna 16, Soviet Lunar Probe vehicle, oil on panel, 24″ diam., 1998

Abandoned Vehicle, detail. Oil on copper, 1999

Abandoned Vehicle, detail, oil on copper, 12″ x 36″1999


As the exhibition comes to a close, I’d like to thank a few people for helping make our exhibition a success – Barbara Muth, and Alison Sigethy for helping keep the doors open, as well as with the Splashdown Reception and Open House, and Abbey McClain and Daniel Guzman for helping get the word out.

If you haven’t been by yet, we’re closing on Sunday afternoon.

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