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VITRINE – a 24/7 gallery. Inaugural Exhibition: Carolyn Capps’ “Vastly Empty + Infinitely Full”.

@629 N. Trade St. W-S, NC. Through the end of February.

Featuring the work of Carolyn Capps, entitled: “Vastly Empty and Infinitely Full”.

“Vastly Empty and Infinitely Full” is a series of drawings and paintings investigating the idea of complexity as it relates to the ocean and also to our own minds as they are impacted by The Information Age.

The colliding narratives of competing concerns coalesce to form a unified whole which makes plain how our fates are connected and how even the most chaotic of systems divulges patterns if we are patient. When people look at the work they respond to the whole but interest is sparked when I point out- Rachel Carson testifying before congress, Admiral Shovell’s ring, Saint Brendan The Navigator..

-Carolyn Capps, 2022.

For more information, contact Kara Hammond.


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