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December Open Studio Hours, artist-made books, and a fresh holiday window.

Beginning December 14, 2022, Kara Hammond Open Studio will be keeping regular hours on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 11am til 5 pm. Check out the new window design, and stop in to see this season’s most recent artist-made books of lino-cut images and prints, along with drawings, watercolors, holiday cards, and conversation.

We will be having a special Open House with the upstairs artists, Melrose Buchanan, and Barbara Lister-Sink on Saturday, December 10, from 2 – 5pm.

The address is 629 N. Trade St., W-S, NC.

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Upcoming Fall Class at The Sawtooth Center

Beginning in mid-October, I will be teaching botanical drawing again,

this time with autumn harvest and fall colors as our inspirations.

Please join us!

41015. Botanical Drawing in Pen and Ink

Thur 10/13/22 – 11/3/22
10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Sonchus asper, Prickly sowthistle, watercolor on paper, 2022

Contact The Sawtooth Center to sign up.


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Botanical Drawing at the Sawtooth Center, August 8 – 11, 2022

With the goal of creating accurate, yet vibrant depictions of living plants.

Approaches to botanical drawing we will explore:

Gesture – searching for the life force inherent in the subject. A quick study in which the artist looks to record what the subject is doing, to capture the essence, the verb within. Without this, the drawing will remain lifeless, inert.

Structure – searching for the basic shapes of the different elements of the subject, determining the arrangement of shapes, as well as its overall form and direction.

Layout – determining the composition of the drawing. May use a viewfinder to decide arrangement of spaces around the subject.

Observation –looking carefully, to learn how the plant is put together, to bring it to life on paper through two methods: Contour – slow, deeply observed lines which connect edges of surfaces. Looking for details which will help define the particular characteristics of the subject. Value – using cross hatching or stippling to enhance the sense of volume and form to a two-dimensional drawing.

Value – using cross hatching or stippling to enhance the sense of volume and form to a two-dimensional drawing.

Some Botanical Art Web Sources:                                   






Some famous botanical artists through history:

Maria Sibylla Merian, German (1647 – 1717)

Pierre-Joseph Redouté, French (1766 – 1854)

Marianne North, English, (1830 – 1890)

Ernst Haeckel, German (1834 – 1919)

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Paisley Vapors: Making room for ideas

Oak gall, acorn cap, walnut, rust, dirt, copper oxide, titanium white on cotton rag paper, 18″ x 24″.

Making inks from various natural and found substances, attempting to forge a deeper connection to place and material.

A cup of tea, a way of centering to regroup one’s thoughts, honoring contemplation in the creative process; a process of discovery in which each successive change leads down an unseen path until the endgame is clear. Every drawing is a new adventure.