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Indespensible Equipment

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Too Real

About the Work

The idea that we live in rapidly changing times is nothing new. Often, the introduction of new technologies has upended the existing order. The advents of electricity, the light bulb, and the telephone, just to mention a few, have all fundamentally altered the way people lived and saw the world. Having to adjust to rapidly changing times is an exciting, if often unwelcome part of the human condition. The characters depicted in my drawings are in the midst of such times.



With ‘disruptive technology’ a current buzzword, where new or emerging technologies rapidly overtake the old, questions arise about the adoption of powerful new tools for which the promise and the outcome are often quite different.

Let me tell you about morality.

As we trade durability and dependability for convenience and speed, we may feel we are being unceremoniously ushered into an era of unintended consequences. While we may not fully comprehend these consequences, it behooves us to step back and assess our direction, and acknowledge our anxiety, while we celebrate our new global connectivity.

Did You Say something

All works are ink wash on watercolor paper, with original text.

Now showing with Drew Parris,

at The Associates Gallery, (TAG) 3rd Floor

Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA

through May 21, 2016.

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