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When we were children…

when we were children,framed

19″ x 24″, Ink wash on paper, with typewritten text boxes, 2017.                                       (read clockwise from top left)

“When we were children, we took for granted that we could simply go for a walk in the woods. Long walks… for miles… anyone could go, not just those with membership cards or the fee for admission.

Heaven forbid anyone of us were to strike out on our own, find an original path outside the prescribed framework. You know, turn off the computer and listen to your own thoughts for a while.

There just aren’t that many shared public spaces anymore. Most places have been bought up and developed, controlled by private entities. So many fences and walls everywhere; dead ends and cul-de-sacs.

Not that anyone much notices. Now we enter the world through our damnable little devices, preordained portals of entertainment and information, safe from the elements and biological pathogens, but with hazards all their own.”


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A New Limitless Dimension

Limitless oceans of data

“Can You Imagine a World…” 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2017

“Can you imagine a world without visible tethers, like a new dimension, seamlessly flowing, frictionless, continuously expanding? Limitless oceans of data teeming with valuable information are accruing somewhere far away. It is said to be simply floating in clouds, eventually to be sifted by agents with our best interests at heart.”